InstaNavigation - Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

The InstaNavigation app is the online tool for anonymous Instagram story viewer if you don’t have an IG account or do not want to login to keep safety for account. Our application will let you watch Insta stories privately and fastly. And of course no any charge.

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As we know, Instagram platform shows you the statistics who already viewed your stories easily. You can see it by the list it provides via account logs. Insta Navigation is a revolutionary app that aims to make your Insta stories watching and downloading with an easy and stress-free IG experience.

Why Choose InstaNavigation for Anonymous Instagram Viewer


100% Anonymity - Safe and Secure

You can view IG stories, posts, reels video anonymously without logging IG account. So it is helpful to keep your account name and personal information 100% safe.

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No IG Account Required

There is no need to make an Instagram account or no need to login. You can also have the option to watch account stories, reels and other multimedia stuffs without registration anything.


All Devices & Latest OS Support

You can view Instagram stories with InstaNavigation stalking tool, which is anonymous and unrelated to your own Insta account (both downloading and anonymous viewing). Using the tool on any device (iOS/ Android) to watch instagram profile privately. All you need to do is open your web browser and use the spying tool.

How to Use InstaNavigation App

1. Search for user profile you want to stalk or view stories
2. On Instagram app click on three dots and copy username on web version
3. Paste IG username or full profile link in the spying story viewer box above

You’ll get full profile info including IG username, ID and options to view latest stories anonymously or download locally in your device.


InstaNavigation Key Features

InstaNavigation viewer is the best app to watch anonymous Instagram stories without registration online without getting yourself exposed. Here are some of the key features:

That’s all you need to know for using Instanavigation app to watch anyone’s Instagram stories, photos, reels, videos, likes, followers and status update.

You can also save all photos, reels videos, posts which are public by the user. All is anonymous and free of charge.